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06.08.2014 12:32

Effects of Created Opportunities

Effects of Created Opportunities
Production of confectionery has become one of the profitable sectors in our country. Such goods are produced currently not only by enterprises in urban centers, but also those in rural areas. As a result, markets and shopping centers are abundant in wide range of sweets.

Owing to extensive economic reforms being carried out under the leadership of President Islam Karimov, considerable achievements are made in filling the domestic market with quality food products generated locally. That can be seen in the case of confectionery, beverages, bread and bakery.

The presidential resolution on measures to refine the organization of management and development of food industry of the nation in 2012-2015, signed 31 October 2011, serves as a guide for action for the establishment of new, reconstruction and modernization of available food industry enterprises.

In excess of 1,300 tons of candies, caramel, marmalade, halva and other sweets are produced in our country every year. In particular, the volume of confectionery production has been growing at the Shox Produkt Plus limited company in Tashkent’s Yunusabad District. Launched in 2009, the enterprise used to produce in its initial days as few as four types of sweets, while today, on the basis of cutting-edge technologies it manufactures more than a hundred types of quality confectionery goods.

The head of the enterprise Nazira Isroilova takes care of the professional training and employment of women and youths. The company applies the school “master-apprentice”, whereby more than 20 young men and women attain the secrets of the vocation in a modern environment.

“The attention being paid by the country’s leader and the support for entrepreneurship encourage us for even more vigorous and effective activities,” Isroilova says. “In conditions of sound competition, we would like to expand the production and increase the range of goods.”

UzA, Barno Melikulova, photo by Yolkin Shamsiddinov
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