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01.04.2017 10:47

Effectiveness of intensive technologies in fish farming

In Yozyavon District of Farghona Region, a seminar has taken place on the development of fish farming and the introduction of intensive technologies in this branch. It was attended by the hokims (governors) of districts of Andijon, Namangan and Farghona Regions, the managers of enterprises and organizations functioning in the spheres of agriculture and water resources and those of fish farms.

It was said that under the leadership of the President of the country, special attention was given to further reforming the agricultural sector and to providing the population with good quality foodstuffs, including fish products.

A great deal of work is being carried out in Farghona Region to develop fish farming, to give support to fish farms, to provide them with water and material-technical resources, to grant credits to businesses of this sphere and to rent natural and artificial reservoirs to them.

At the seminar, detailed information was given about conveniences and tax privileges being provided for entrepreneurs engaging in fish farming and about the procedure for introducing intensive technologies.

“Fish farming is a hefty source of income. In our country, there are all the necessary conditions for the modernization of this sector,” says B.Teshaboyev, manager of the Prot Fish Trade LLC.

In Farghona Region, intensive technologies are widely used in fish farming. Fish farming in nurseries for fish is highly effective. As part of the event, master-classes on this method took place.

“At today’s seminar, we learned to use intensive technologies effectively and familiarized ourselves with scientific research in fish farming,” says the manager of the Turghunboy Sahovat Nuri fish farm in Oltinkol District of Andijon Region, F.Vohidov.

As part of the event, participants familiarized themselves with raising fish in nurseries of the central Farghona reservoir.

Z.Mirzayev, deputy prime minister and minister of agriculture and water resources of the Republic of Uzbekistan, made a speech at the event.

Masudjon Sulaymonov, UzA
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