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14.05.2018 18:55

Effective cooperation in seed production

At “Markaziy Osiyo Uruglik Kompaniyasi” (Central Asia Seed Company) JV LLC, operating in Saykhunabad district of Syrdarya region, special attention is paid to creation of new, early varieties of cotton with strong and long fibers resistant to diseases.

The Uzbekistan – American joint venture, organized in 1997, specializes in preparing seeds of early maturing cotton with high-quality fibers, resistant to various diseases, which do not require much moisture. At present, the collective of the enterprise is working on breeding the varieties of cotton that are suitable for climatic conditions of Syrdarya region, improving the technology of its processing, giving priority to developing methods for saving natural resources and increasing the interest of dehkans.

This year, the enterprise has concluded contracts with almost 600 farms of Saykhunabad, Gulistan and Syrdarya districts. It is planned to receive 33 thousand tons of valuable raw materials. In the current agricultural season, farms of Saykhunabad region were supplied 500 tons of cottonseed. The enterprise mainly harvested the seeds of the following varieties: Sulton, Porloq, S 6524, An-Boyovut, Unkurgan, Gulistan.

Since 2017, the company provides farming and consulting services. An agreement has been concluded with the consulting center “Boyovut agrotech consult”, and farmers on the spot are provided with consulting services.

The enterprise strives to produce seeds of good varieties with high-quality fiber and thereby make a worthy contribution to the economy of the country.

Abdujalol Kayumov, UzA
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