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22.08.2017 17:44

Does an entrepreneur know the laws?

Despite the ongoing reforms in our country on development of small business and private entrepreneurship, the laws, decrees and resolutions aimed at supporting entrepreneurs, unfortunately, there are still problems impeding the development of the sphere, as well as leaders who abuse their position.

Special attention was paid to these problems during the conversation on “Improving the business environment in the country – the basis for development of the economy and ensuring the well-being of the population”, conducted by Namangan regional Kengash of the Movement of entrepreneurs and businessmen – the Liberal democratic party of Uzbekistan with the participation of entrepreneurs and farmers.

– It should be noted openly that today entrepreneurs, who come forward with an initiative and new business projects, mostly face the problems of allocation of land, loans, raw materials and exports, – says the head of the apparatus of the regional Kengash of the party N.Abdullayev. – Our conversation is organized in order to solve such problems with participation of deputies and effective use of their powers in the future.

The head of the regional department of architecture and construction T.Ikramov, who has noted problems of entrepreneurs in issues of allocating lands, emphasized that usually local khokimiyats are guided by the possibility of obtaining land plots only through auction and tenders, in connection with which the needs of entrepreneurs are not satisfied.

– The reason lies in ignorance of laws by individual entrepreneurs, – says T.Ikramov. – Meanwhile, they should know that conduction of competitions and auctions is not envisaged for the allocation of land in small industrial and special industrial zones.

During the conversation, many problems impeding the development of activities of farmers and entrepreneurs were discussed.

– I have been running a farm specializing in horticulture and viticulture since 2006, – says T.Gofurov from Yangikurgan district. – I strive to provide the population with cheap and high-quality fruits, to receive income accordingly to work, profit, develop the economy. Our gardens are irrigated with the help of powerful pumps, this requires high costs, which negatively affects our financial condition. In this regard, I propose to transfer water pumps to the regional pump management.

– I am growing grain and cotton on hilly lands for 23 years, – says the head of the “Chust” farm I.Shokarimova, – The problem of water and irrigation has not been solved, so the yield does not exceed 15 quintals per hectare. Taking this into account, I consider it advisable to grow vegetables on these lands, not cotton and wheat. This proposal should be considered by party activists, deputies and introduced to the session by local Kengashes.

The entrepreneur from Uchkurgan, the head of the limited liability company “Osiyo semena” (“Asia seeds”) K.Rayimjonov informed that an imported modern technology for the production of paint and varnish materials was purchased for a bank loan at the amount of 105 million sums, but pure water is required for production. He asked for a solution to the problem. He also emphasized that repeated appeals to the district khokimiyat and relevant authorities had not yielded results.

During the conversation, an exchange of views was held on problems of entrepreneurs and farmers, bureaucratic obstacles, paper red tape and their elimination. Responsible employees of the regional administration for land resources and the state cadastre, the main administration of the Central bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the state tax administration were given answers to questions of participants of the event, problems of regional, district and city importance were resolved on the spot. A decision was made on issues of the national importance on addressing to the relevant ministries and departments through the party faction in the Legislative Chamber.

Akramjon Sattorov, UzA
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