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17.07.2018 17:27

Dehkan farms remain the main producers of most types of crop production

According to preliminary data, the total volume of products (services) of agriculture, forestry and fisheries in Uzbekistan in January-June of 2018 amounted to 35,210.8 billion soums, or 102.7% of the corresponding period in 2017, including in plant growing and livestock, hunting and provision of services in these areas – 35,012.3 billion soums (102.7%), in forestry – 58.7 billion soums (100.7%), in fisheries – 139.8 billion soums (130, 2%).

According to the State Statistics Committee, growth in agricultural production in January-June 2018 compared with the corresponding period in 2017 amounted to 102.7%, including of plant growing production – 101.1%, animal husbandry production – 105.4%.

Dehkan (personal subsidiary) farms remain the main producers of most types of crop production, in the reporting period they produced 93.7 percent of the total volume of potatoes, 87.3 percent of vegetables, 70.6 percent of melons, 72.0 percent of fruit and berries, 63.6 percent of grapes. A significant part of the grain is produced by farms, they own 82.4 percent of the volume of these products.

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