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14.02.2017 09:44

Decent work places for young people

At the Fergana polytechnics institute, a job fair has taken place for the purpose of providing employment for young people who have served out fixed-terms military service.

In the job fair arranged by the regional hokimiyat (governorate), 124 enterprises and organizations participated with 770 vacancies.

Large-scale measures are being carried out in localities to ensure the employment of former servicemen of fixed-term military service and their job placement according to their speciality.

During the job fair, a conversation took place between young people and representatives of big organizations and enterprises taking part in the event about a choice of jobs and working conditions. About 80 people were provided with jobs at the fair.

“Army service was a real school of life for us. During military service, our heart-felt love for and devotion to the Motherland were further strengthened. I attended today’s job fair and got a job in the railways sphere,” says Khudoyor Usmonov.

As part of the job fair, specialists conducted conversations with citizens about issues of labour legislation and about raising law culture.

Masudjon Sulaymonov, UzA
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