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Cooperation with Austria develops

Cooperation with Austria develops
Samarkand hosted a business forum with participation of businesspeople of the Republic of Austria and Samarkand region.

At the forum, the First Deputy Khokim of Samarkand region J. Urokov and the Vice-President of Austrian Federal Economic Chamber Richard Schenz, presented information on the results of economic cooperation between Uzbekistan and Austria, created conditions and amenities for businesspeople of the two countries. They called on the entrepreneurs of the two countries to use these opportunities effectively.


Presentation of the economic potential and available resources of Samarkand region was held. Representatives of over 30 companies who arrived from Austria expressed their proposals for cooperation in such areas as construction, tourism, the petrochemical industry, processing of meat and dairy products, the railway industry, establishment of heating and cooling systems, the manufacture of components for automobiles, production of paper, equipment for hydroelectric power stations, sewage and waste treatment and recycling, medicine and others.

B2B and G2B meetings were held with participation of representatives of Austrian companies and almost 40 entrepreneurs of the region, which resulted in important agreements.

According to the data provided, there are 7 enterprises created jointly with Austrian entrepreneurs in Samarkand region.

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Golib Khasanov, UzA