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16.08.2017 18:00

Comfort, confidence and positive

Small business and private entrepreneurship are the locomotive of a market economy. Therefore, full attention is paid to this sector in our country: business environment is constantly improving, tax privileges and preferences are being granted, loans are being allocated.

The Uzbek-South Korean joint venture “Uz-Dong Ju Paint Co.” was established in accordance with the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On establishment of joint Uzbek-Korean enterprises on production of automotive components” of May 30, 1995 and the agreement signed on March 25, 1995 between “Uzavtosanoat” SC and “Dong Ju Industrial Co., Ltd.” (South Korea).

Since April 1999, automobile, construction and industrial paints are produced here. Last year, “Uz-Dong Ju Sports” subsidiary production was established for expanding the range of products and reorientation of sales markets, production of sports footwear under the brand “FOR” is established on the basis of modern technologies.

– Reforms implemented in our country in leather and footwear industry serve as an important factor in expanding activities of the enterprise, – said Akbarshoh Alimov, a representative of the marketing department of the company. – The Resolution of the President of our country On the Program of measures for further development of leather and footwear industry for the period of 2016-2020 of September 15, 2016 expands the possibilities in this direction. Footwear made by domestic manufacturers is becoming more popular in recent years and in demand in the domestic market, because it is not inferior in quality to foreign counterparts. Their price availability is also of big importance.

“Uz-Dong Ju Sports” produces about 50 kinds of footwear for men and women, children and teenagers, sports fans and professionals. It is important that genuine leather is used in the production, which means that quality and hygiene are ensured, and the mesh material contributes to excellent ventilation, heat and moisture removal. The sole is made of thermoplastic rubber – this is one of the latest technologies, which is used in production of soles of a special ergonomic shape.

The enterprise employs about 80 people. In the future, it is planned to master new sales markets, create additional workplaces and expand the production.

Irina Dolenko, UzA
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