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29.06.2017 09:47

Cement plant put into operation in Qoraozak District

Cement plant put into operation in Qoraozak District In Qoraozak District of the Republic of Qoraqalpoghiston, north-western Uzbekistan, the Karakalpak cement enterprise has started its work. This enterprise specializes in the production of cement from a local raw material.

It was said at the opening ceremony of the enterprise that in the process of implementing consistent economic reforms in this country under the leadership of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev, special attention was paid to the creation of a favourable investment climate and the attraction of foreign investment.

Big industrial facilities being put into operation in localities help to ensure people’s employment.

At the first phase of this 40m dollar project, 17m dollars worth of investments were used. 200 people were provided with jobs.

“The overall production capacity of our enterprise is 1.2 million tonnes of cement a year. This project will be implemented in three phases. The first phase has been completed. The second phase will be implemented by the end of this year. The production capacity of this plant will double. The third and final phase will be completed in the year 2018 and will make it possible to produce additional 700 thousand tonnes of the product. In the first two phases, cement will be produced with the use of a new technology – a vertical furnace. The third phase envisages the introduction of an even more productive line. Cement will also be exported,” says Anvar Shukurov, the director of the enterprise.

The chairman of the Jokarghi Kenes (high council) of the Republic of Qoraqalpoghiston, M.Erniyazov, made a speech at the event.

Aminboy Ortiqboyev, photo by Maksad Habibullayev, UzA
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