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07.08.2018 15:51

CCI hosts a meeting with the Indian delegation

CCI hosts a meeting with the Indian delegation
On August 7, a meeting was held at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan with the Indian delegation of the State of Uttar Pradesh led by the Director of Uttar Pradesh State Agricultural Produce Markets Board Shri Ramakant Pandey and representatives of the Indian business community in order to expand trade and economic cooperation between India and Uzbekistan.

At the meeting, issues of expanding mutual trade in fruits and vegetables between India and Uzbekistan were discussed.

In particular, the Indian side provided detailed information on the possibilities of supplying tropical fruit mango to Uzbekistan, showed a video about the cultivation, processing and supply of mango fruit from India to foreign markets.

At the same time, representatives of Uzbekistan enterprises processing fruit and trading companies engaged in export of agricultural products to foreign countries also attended the event.

As reported by the Press Service of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, following the meetings, the Indian company Delicious Mango was interested in possibilities of supplying mango to Uzbekistan company JV LLC InterSok. In turn, the company Delicious Mango also expressed interest in exploring the possibilities of supplying juices and nectars of Uzbekistan company JV LLC InterSok to India.

At the same time, Uzbekistan company Shirok LLC proposed the possibility of supplying legumes (mung beans, chickpeas, beans), as well as walnut and peanuts to India. In particular, at the meeting of the Indian company Green Vege Exports it was proposed to consider the possibility of organizing the supply of beans and nuts from Uzbekistan to India.

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