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01.01.1970 06:00:00

Businessmen of the Netherlands are interested in the agricultural sector of Uzbekistan

About 50 representatives of more than 30 companies from the Netherlands will participate in the 13th international agricultural exhibition "Agro World Uzbekistan 2018", which will be held in mid-March 2018, in Tashkent. Many of them intend to present their stands.

According to the information of embassies of Uzbekistan in Belgium and the Netherlands in Uzbekistan, most companies are involved in the fruit and vegetable sector, including greenhouses and production of potatoes. The other part of participating companies is engaged in livestock breeding, in particular the production of dairy products and poultry.

The agrarian sector is a priority area of cooperation between Uzbekistan and the Netherlands. As noted, the Netherlands together with the state structures of  Uzbekistan, research institutes, the private sector and with the support of international financial institutions can make a significant contribution to further development of the horticultural and livestock sectors of Uzbekistan.