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08.09.2018 11:46:32

Bukhara to host Agro Business Bukhara International Forum

On September 10-11, Bukhara will host Agro Business Bukhara International Forum, organized by Bukhara regional khokimiyat together with the State Committee for Investments.

Agro Business Bukhara International Forum will demonstrate the investment potential of Bukhara region for foreign and local investors, with a key focus on prospects for cooperation offered by the new free economic zone “Bukhoro-Agro”.

This, in turn, will not only serve to improvement of the economic indicators of the region, but will also open up wide opportunities for the country to exchange experience and knowledge at the international level in the agricultural sector.

According to the State Committee for Investments, the program of the event includes an exhibition where the natural-resource, production and labor potential of Bukhara region will be demonstrated, as well as B2B and B2G meetings with domestic and foreign investors.

On the second day of the event, it is planned to visit the territory of the free economic zone “Bukhoro-Agro” and familiarize the forum participants with the created conditions in the new innovative agro-site.

The International Forum is expected to be attended by investors from 25 countries.