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Gas supply improving in Namangan

23.10.09 18:06

During January-September 2009, a total of 108.2 km of gas pipelines were laid in Namangan region, including 99.8 km in rural areas.

IMF commends economic policy of Uzbekistan

23.10.09 16:46

The mission of the Executive Directors of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which consisted of Meg Landseyger, Agee Bakker, Amboise Faiola, Ho Jian Xiong, Thomas Moser and Klaus D. Stein, following the visit to Uzbekistan, held a press conference for local and foreign journalists, at which they noted the successes of the economic development of Uzbekistan in the conditions of the global financial crisis.

Industrial fair and cooperation exchange continue

23.10.09 12:10

The International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange are continuing at the Uzexpocenter in Tashkent. The events have been organized on the initiative of the President Islam Karimov.

15th Tashkent Tourism Fair completes

23.10.09 10:57

The 15th Tashkent International Tourism Fair completed in the capita. The event, organized by Uzbektourism national company, attracted more than 200 companies from 25 states.

International tourism fair opens

21.10.09 20:29

The 15th International Tashkent Tourism Fair “Tourism on the Silk Road” opened in the capital of Uzbekistan on 21 October. The forum has been organized by the Uzbektourism national company.

Modern rural housing presented in Chirchik

21.10.09 20:21

The specialized exhibition of the projects of individual housing for the rural population and construction materials is continuing in the town of Chirchik, Tashkent region.

Expanding the scale of creative work

21.10.09 11:17

The exhibition, organized on the initiative of the President and of importance to rural industry development, involve local enterprises engaged in production of building materials, architects, designers, wholesale and retail trade companies, representatives of the public.

Business meetings, profitable contracts

21.10.09 10:46

In the Third International industrial fair and cooperation exchange, initiated by President Islam Karimov, more than 360 enterprises and organizations operating in our country are participating with their products and services. This forum is attended by over 650 representatives of foreign firms and companies from almost 50 countries.

Karakalpakstan: expanding manufacturing base

20.10.09 21:26

Extensive work to improve the supply of the internal consumer market with domestic food products and manufactured goods is carried out in the Republic of Karakalpakstan.

Savings pulse of credit institutions

20.10.09 20:48

The safety reserve of the domestic banking system is strengthening and developing, accomplished with the initiative of President Islam Karimov. Customers more boldly trust their free cash to the banking sector.

New hotel built in Navoi

19.10.09 15:24

New hotel Camilla was opened in Navoi on the crossing of the Navoi and Akhunboboyev streets. The hotel is designed for 40 people and has all conditions for providing high-quality service to visitors and tourists.

The free economic zone - territory of free trade

15.10.09 10:47

Market-oriented economic reforms are consistently implemented in our country, a process that deepens with each passing year. In order to create favorable conditions for attracting foreign investment and the organization of modern high-tech industries a presidential decree “On creation of industrial free-trade zone in Navoi region was adopted on December 2, 2008.

Participants' opinions about cotton fair

15.10.09 10:02

We are constantly participate in the International Uzbek Cotton Fair. Our company is specialized in the textile industry. I would like to highlight the experience of center “Sifat” on examination of cotton fiber. It is noteworthy that using the most modern technology, experts in your country are improving methods of certification of fiber. A vivid example of the results is permanent international expertise.

Participants' opinions about cotton fair

14.10.09 20:01

The cotton market of Uzbekistan is stable. Our company for many years buys Uzbek cotton. Because of its high quality it fully meets the requirements of Chinese industry. Previously, we bought Uzbek cotton through intermediaries. This fair provided the opportunity for direct purchases. Uzbekistan’s cotton is certified by international standards and it is an important guarantee.