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Development of Tashkent region analyzed

07.11.09 15:50

The meeting of Tashkent region administration focused on the results of socio-economic development for the first nine months of this year and aims at further expansion of economic reforms.

Ferghana region activists analyzed nine month results

07.11.09 15:05

Activists of Ferghana region held a meeting devoted to results of socio-economic development in the first nine months of 2009 and the implementation of priority tasks of deepening economic reforms.

Modernization expands business horizons

03.11.09 15:17

The technical and technological renovations of the leading industrial enterprises, an initiative of the President of the country, increase the capacity of the electrical industry.

Production of honey expands

02.11.09 16:29

Any time of year in the markets of our country the eyes are caressed by the variety of fruits and melons. The useful product, such as honey, can also be found at any time on the counters of trading stalls.

Modern housing built in rural areas

02.11.09 9:41

One hundred modern houses will be built in the Aral Sea area based on the type projects in the framework of the Year of Rural Development and Improvement state program.

Uzbekistan, Kuwait Fund sign agreement

30.10.09 18:44

The deputy general director of Kuwait Fund of Arab Economic Development Hesham al-Vakayan paid a visit to Uzbekistan on 21-23 October. On 22 October, a loan agreement was signed between the Kuwait Fund and the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Villages to improve their look

29.10.09 17:31

The specialized regional exhibition of projects of individual housing and construction materials was held in Gulistan, Syrdarya region.

Electronic plastic cards will be available to everyone

29.10.09 10:59

The system of cashless payments by plastic cards has been being improved and developed each year. Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated April 6, 2009 “On additional measures to further stimulate the attraction of free funds of population and economic entities on deposits in commercial banks” significantly expanded the range of “electronic wallets”.

Presentation of new railway cars held

27.10.09 19:01

Tashkent passenger car construction and repair plant held a presentation of new railway cars built and modernized by the four major manufacturing plants of the Uzbekistan Railways company. The presentation was held in the framework of the 51st meeting of railway administrations of the CIS and Baltic states.

Bee keeping develops in Samarkand region

27.10.09 17:24

On the basis of the State program “Year of Rural Development and Improvement”, the work is being done in Samarqand region on the development of industries such as poultry, fish farming and bee keeping.

Integration of science and production

27.10.09 16:18

The Tashkent State Technical University named after Abu Rayhon Beruni hosted an international scientific-practical conference Innovation-2009.

International industrial fair and cooperation exchange continues in Tashkent

24.10.09 17:50

Uzbekistan Industrialists Forum, carried out at the initiative of President Islam Karimov, aims to promote the real sector enterprises to provide free access to necessary raw materials and credit resources, facilitate the creation of market infrastructure to build and expand long-term business relationships based on intra and inter-sectoral cooperation.