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Job fair

24.03.17 20:57

Job fair

A job fair has been conducted in Nukus for specialists of the information technology and communications sphere.

Family enterprise’s quality products

23.03.17 19:35

Family enterprise’s quality products

Further raising the prosperity of the population through the development of the small business and private entrepreneurship sphere and the provision of comprehensive support for the work of entities of this sphere is a priority area of economic reforms being implemented in this country.

Entrepreneurs of Nayman – millionaires

15.03.17 20:34

If you come to Farghona, make sure that you visit the village of Nayman in Buvaydo District. Why? To see first-hand how a large income can be obtained from a small piece of land.

Fifth round of Uzbekistan-Iran political consultations takes place in Tashkent

15.03.17 9:33

Fifth round of Uzbekistan-Iran political consultations takes place in Tashkent

At the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the fifth round of Uzbekistan-Iran interdepartmental political consultations has taken place. A delegation led by Ebrahim Rahimpour, deputy minister of foreign affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, attended this round of political consultations.

Nearly 300 young specialists provided with jobs

13.03.17 19:16

In this country, special attention is being paid to creating conditions for young people to acquire modern education as well as to providing them with decent jobs in future.

For the purpose of creating better conditions

07.03.17 19:10

For the purpose of creating better conditions

The Surkhn dori-darmon LLC in Surkhondaryo Region, southern Uzbekistan, is carrying out weighty work to provide the population with pharmaceuticals and medical-purpose goods at affordable prices.

Jobs for graduates

02.03.17 9:41

Jobs for graduates

At the Mirzo Ulughbek national university of Uzbekistan, a job fair entitled “Young specialist - 2017” has taken place. Representatives of various enterprises, departments and educational institutions participated in the job fair.

Using broad possibilities

24.02.17 9:42

Using broad possibilities

The manager of the private enterprise Sabina S in Samarqand, Sodiq Abdusamatov, is developing his business, effectively using broad possibilities that have been created for entrepreneurs in this country.

Intergovernmental commission’s session

24.02.17 9:39

At Tashkent’s international cooperation centre, a scheduled session of the Uzbekistan-Kazakhstan intergovernmental joint commission for bilateral cooperation has taken place.

Guarantee of rich harvest

21.02.17 9:48

Fruits, vegetables and melons produced in Uzbekistan evoke a great deal of interest abroad with their excellent taste, high quality and nutritional value.

Ceremony held in Nukus to meet soldiers returning from fixed-term military service

18.02.17 11:33

Ceremony held in Nukus to meet soldiers returning from fixed-term military service

In accordance with President Shavkat Mirziyoyev’s resolution dated 21 December 2016 “On a regular call-up of citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan for fixed-term military service and on transferring to the reserve of the Armed Forces servicemen who have served out the set term of military service”, ceremonies are being held to meet soldiers returning after completing fixed-term military service.

Decent work places for young people

14.02.17 9:44

At the Fergana polytechnics institute, a job fair has taken place for the purpose of providing employment for young people who have served out fixed-terms military service.

Promotion of the rule of law serves for development

04.02.17 12:11

The Andijon Regional council of the movement of entrepreneurs and businessmen – the Uzbekistan Liberal Democratic Party (UzLiDeP) has held a round-table conversation in Andijon on the observance of laws relating to this sphere and the comprehensive protection of private ownership.

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