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Malohat and her apprentices

23.08.17 9:47

Malohat and her apprentices

At one of the vocational colleges in Jalolquduq District of Andijon Region, eastern Uzbekistan, Malohat Sottvoldiyeva opened a wonderful garment making workshop last year. She did that to set up her own business.

The energy industry is developing

22.08.17 20:59

“Uzbekenergo” held a press conference at the National press center on “Activities carried out in the years of independence, certain measures, the achieved results and problems in the sphere of uninterrupted provision of the population with electricity”.

Does an entrepreneur know the laws?

22.08.17 17:44

Despite the ongoing reforms in our country on development of small business and private entrepreneurship, the laws, decrees and resolutions aimed at supporting entrepreneurs, unfortunately, there are still problems impeding the development of the sphere, as well as leaders who abuse their position.

Support for entrepreneurs

16.08.17 18:47

The effectiveness of reforms being held in our country is directly related to the improvement of the market infrastructure, as well as the targeted formation of the exchange system. How are the tasks being implemented by the Commodity and raw materials exchange of the Republic of Uzbekistan established in 1994?

Comfort, confidence and positive

16.08.17 18:00

Small business and private entrepreneurship are the locomotive of a market economy. Therefore, full attention is paid to this sector in our country: business environment is constantly improving, tax privileges and preferences are being granted, loans are being allocated.

Fish farming: wealth under water

15.08.17 17:52

As it is known, doctors recommend eating a rich in vitamins and minerals fish up to 6-8 kilograms per year. Hence, an increase in cultivation, processing and supply of fish products in several times will help to improve health of millions of people.

Ways of achieving success

14.08.17 17:42

Ways of achieving success

A meeting entitled “Ways of achieving success” has taken place at the youth creativity palace between leading entrepreneurs of this country and young people desiring to engage in entrepreneurial activity. This event was held in the form of open seminar and was attended by graduates of vocational colleges, unorganized youths and young entrepreneurs.

New enterprise in village

10.08.17 17:12

New enterprise in village

The multi-functional private trading-production firm “Dilrabo SDA tekstil” working in Toraqorghon District of Namangan Region has put into operation a new enterprise in the village of Bekobod.

Uzbekistan railways: new projects and modern services

09.08.17 22:53

In the years of independence, more than 1100 kilometers of railways have been laid and 4 thousand kilometers have been modernized in Uzbekistan. 16 new railway stations have been built and 49 modern electric locomotives have been purchased. 120 locomotives are modernized.

“Orzu” small industrial zone to be opened in Namangan city

09.08.17 11:01

A foundation stone laying ceremony for the new small industrial zone in Namangan city was attended by heads of state and public organizations, deputies of local Councils, enterpreneurs, veterans, representatives of the youth and the press.

Quality seeds, enough food are sources of income

08.08.17 20:24

In the capital city Tashkent, the Ozbekipaksanoat (Uzbek silk industry) association has held a press conference on the subject of “Changes taking place in the silk production system and investment projects for this sphere”.

Results of business opportunities

04.08.17 19:36

Results of business opportunities

At the Qizilqum teskstil LLC in the town of Zarafshon in Navoiy Region, 400 thousand polypropylene sacks are produced a month.

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