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Vehicles Ready for Harvest Time

24.05.12 17:36

Grain growers of Fergana region expect to collect harvest of grain-crops from 3100 hectares in a short time and without losses.

Results of Modernization

22.05.12 14:34

Samarkand LLC “8 March” increasing its volumes in export of knitted products.

Styletextile Increasing its Production Volumes

15.05.12 16:41

High quality and modern knitted goods made by the limited corporation “Styletextile” of Chust district of Namangan region are in great demand in both domestic and foreign markets.

Successes of the International Airport of Bukhara

08.05.12 15:11

Last year, the airport of Bukhara due to its high potential was recognized as the Best Airport by the International Association of Civil Aviation Airport among the air companies which serve for 100 thousand passengers a year.

Industrial Fair of Agricultural and Social Spheres

06.05.12 16:04

The sectoral industrial fair of the complexes of agriculture and water resources, agricultural processing, consumer goods, education, health, social protection, information systems and telecommunications opened at Uzexpocenter in the framework of the first phase of the VI International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange.

Cooperation Ties – Factor of Progress

03.05.12 17:42

More than 150 large and private enterprises of Fergana region have participated in the International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange with their building materials, light industry, food and non-food products.

Number of Customers Increasing

01.05.12 10:55

A small enterprise “Algoritm” in Yozyovon district of Fergana region specialized in sewing products. Here, 20 women and 9 outworkers working on continuing basis.

Next Silkworm Breeding Season Opens

27.04.12 11:56

This year, silkworm breeders of Samarkand region are feeding 52,168 boxes of silkworm eggs vivified by seed-growing and industrial enterprises of the country.

Beautiful Clothes from National Fabrics

23.04.12 11:28

Nigora Hamroyeva, a resident of mahalla named after Nizomiy of Bukhara region, effectively taking advantage of ample opportunities created in the country for women entrepreneurs, has opened a sewing shop and attracted ten girls to the work.

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