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Quality seeds, enough food are sources of income

08.08.17 20:24

In the capital city Tashkent, the Ozbekipaksanoat (Uzbek silk industry) association has held a press conference on the subject of “Changes taking place in the silk production system and investment projects for this sphere”.

Results of business opportunities

04.08.17 19:36

Results of business opportunities

At the Qizilqum teskstil LLC in the town of Zarafshon in Navoiy Region, 400 thousand polypropylene sacks are produced a month.

Ranks of young farmers growing

04.08.17 18:11

An open dialogue has been held at the “Faradis hirmoni” farm in Yuqori Chirchiq District of Tashkent Region on studying problems of young entrepreneurs and farmers and their proposals and wishes.

Job fair

29.07.17 14:21

Job fair

In Samarqand, a job fair has been conducted. Nearly 100 enterprises and establishments participated in this job fair with 1 thousand 28 vacancies.

Respecting craftsmanship

14.07.17 16:57

Respecting craftsmanship

Craftsman Tohir Rahimov living in Nurota District of Navoiy Region has been engaged in marble carving for many years.

Graduates being provided with jobs

14.07.17 16:55

This year, 46 thousand 783 students graduated from secondary special education and vocational training establishments in Qashqadaryo Region.

Enterprise’s work expanding

10.07.17 17:41

As a result of special attention being given to small business and private entrepreneurship development, the scale of the production of competitive and high quality products is expanding.

Female entrepreneurs’ ranks growing

05.07.17 18:27

A seminar has taken place in Shahrihon District of Andijon Region on the subject of “Bank credits for young people and women and girls”.

Cement plant put into operation in Qoraozak District

29.06.17 9:47

Cement plant put into operation in Qoraozak District

In Qoraozak District of the Republic of Qoraqalpoghiston, north-western Uzbekistan, the Karakalpak cement enterprise has started its work. This enterprise specializes in the production of cement from a local raw material.

Enterprising women’s forum

29.06.17 9:44

Enterprising women’s forum

The Uzbekistan Women’s Committee has held the first forum of enterprising women on the theme of “The role of enterprising women and girls in the development of society”.

Scale of housing construction expanding

22.06.17 22:32

In this country, large-scale work is being carried out to raise the standard of living in rural areas through improving the architectural appearance of rural population centres, building individual houses on standard projects and rapidly developing engineering, transport and social infrastructure.

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