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Entrepreneurs of Nayman – millionaires

15.03.2017 | Business

If you come to Farghona, make sure that you visit the village of Nayman in Buvaydo District. Why? To see first-hand how a large income can be obtained from a small piece of land.

Modern school of sports
Modern school of sports

15.03.2017 | Sport

At school of sports No 1 for children and young people in the town of Marghilon, Ferghana Region, 814 boys and girls train in sports.

Young talents’ school
Young talents’ school

15.03.2017 | Education

At children’s school of music and art No 5 in Khojeyli Distict of the Republic of Qoraqalpoghiston, north-western Uzbekistan, 250 boys and girls study in such areas as piano, Uzbek national instruments, choreography and visual arts.

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