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Выбрать дату в календареВыбрать дату в календаре

Navruz at Dormon
Navruz at Dormon

01.04.2017 | Culture

The Navruz holiday has been celebrated in the “Dormon” garden of creation of the Writers Union of Uzbekistan. On this occasion, writers and poets and workers in such spheres as morality, culture, art and science gathered in this beautiful place.

Effectiveness of intensive technologies in fish farming
Effectiveness of intensive technologies in fish farming

01.04.2017 | Business

In Yozyavon District of Farghona Region, a seminar has taken place on the development of fish farming and the introduction of intensive technologies in this branch. It was attended by the hokims (governors) of districts of Andijon, Namangan and Farghona Regions, the managers of enterprises and organizations functioning in the spheres of agriculture and water resources and those of fish farms.

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