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Uzbekistan’s Senate Convenes for General Session

To Study the Splendid Legacy of Our Great Ancestors

A Symbol of Courage and Selflessness

An Important Win for Bunyodkor

Continuous Consideration for the Development of Press

The Committee of the Legislative Chamber of Uzbekistan’s Oliy Majlis for Information and Communication Technologies has hosted a roundtable discussion to address the guarantees of state support for mass media in the conditions of market economy and priority dimensions in the perfection of legislation.

19.04.2014 12:16 | Society
Moody’s: Uzbekistan’s Banking System Remains Stable

Moody’s international rating agency published 15 April 2014 a report with forecasts on the development of the Uzbek banking system whereby the agency has confirmed the system’s progress as “stable” for the fifth year in a row.

19.04.2014 12:12 | Business
An Important Win for Bunyodkor

In the fifth round of the prestigious competition among soccer clubs of our continent – the Asian Champions League – Bunyodkor Tashkent has faced Al-Fath of Saudi Arabia.

17.04.2014 15:15 | Sport
British Officials Visit Uzbekistan

Sayeeda Warsi, Senior Minister of Sate for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs of the United Kingdom, held talks April 16 in the Senate of Uzbekistan’s Oliy Majlis.

17.04.2014 15:13 | Politics
Millennium Development Goals in Action

The Committee for Information and Communication Technologies of the Legislative Chamber of Uzbekistan’s Oliy Majlis has hosted a meeting to address the role of information sphere in furthering the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDG) in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

16.04.2014 15:54 | Society
To Study the Splendid Legacy of Our Great Ancestors

On May 15-16, 2014, Samarkand is due to host an international conference on the historical heritage of scientists and thinkers of the Medieval East, its role and significance for the modern civilization.

16.04.2014 14:36 | Society
Uzbekistan Earns Olympic Tickets at Asian Championship

Juniors’ sports gymnastics Asian Championship has taken place in Tashkent.

15.04.2014 16:16 | Sport
Working Hard as Wellbeing Factor

The results of the special significance being attached under the leadership of our country’s President to the promotion of farmer movement can be seen in the case of the Bogi Abbos farming enterprise in Surkhandarya region’s Jarkurgan district.

15.04.2014 16:14 | Business
Turdikhon Islamova Wins Gymnastics Asia Championship

Uzbekistan’s Turdikhon Islamova has earned the gold medal of the sporting gymnastics juniors Asian Championship in Tashkent.

14.04.2014 09:09 | Sport
Uzbekistan’s Senate Convenes for General Session

The fourteenth general session of the Senate of Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan opened in the city of Tashkent on April 10, 2014

11.04.2014 18:05 | Politics
Success Prefers Industrious and Enterprising People

That maxim has once again been substantiated by the final national round of the Tashabbus-2014 show contest for the prize of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan that took place in Tashkent.

11.04.2014 18:01 | Business
A Symbol of Courage and Selflessness

Extensive efforts have been undertaken in Uzbekistan throughout the independent development years to reinvigorate the national spiritual values of our people, to restore the bright names of our great ancestors, study their legacy. The endeavors are consistently carried out to these days.

09.04.2014 17:12 | Society
New Plant Opens in Jizzakh Region

Jizzakh Cement Plant has been commissioned in the Zafarabad district of Jizzakh region.

08.04.2014 12:57 | Business
Kiddies from “Yulduzcha”

170 children are nurtured at the preschool education institution “Yulduzcha” in the city of Nukus.

08.04.2014 12:56 | Science and education
To Continue with Traditions

Sevara Hamroeva, student of the professional college for food industry and hospitality in the Karmana district of Navoi region, is fond of sewing business and embroidery.

08.04.2014 12:54 | Society
Dressy-Look Sporting Garment as Gift

Fashion is known to have always been change-prone. Nonetheless, what never changes in fashion is the principal requirement that women’s garment ought to be elegant and neat.

07.04.2014 14:50 | Business
A Festival of Friendship and Harmony

Particular significance is attached in Uzbekistan under the leadership of President Islam Karimov to the further consolidation of interethnic harmony and unity and the atmosphere of magnanimity and mutual respect cemented in our society.

07.04.2014 14:45 | Society
On the opening of the fourteenth plenary session of the Senate of the Republic of Uzbekistan

The fourteenth plenary session of the Senate of the Republic of Uzbekistan will open at 10 am on 10 April 2014 in the meetings hall of the Senate of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Tashkent.

07.04.2014 12:45 | Politics
Effective Stage to Step up Cooperation

Opening ceremonies of international exhibitions, “WorldFood Uzbekistan-2014” and “AgroWorld Uzbekistan-2014”, have taken place at the Uzexpocenter in Tashkent.

04.04.2014 16:14 | Business
Ages-Old Traditions in Upbringing Children

A seminar has taken place in Namangan to discuss the role of national values in nurturing healthy children as part of the execution of the State Program “The Year of the Healthy Child”.

04.04.2014 16:12 | Society
11.02 13:28 Warsaw Circus
Science and education
26.03 14:30 A Modern School
06.03 15:00 A Modern School
24.02 14:14 Fostering Talents


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